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HighSchoolBlanket Experience

Imagine every high school had the funds necessary to permit students to succeed, and that you can experience this initiative. We call this movement the High School Blanket Experience, It’s about empowering high school programs by providing them with necessary wholesale products (Spirit Wraps and Spirit Sticks) for events. Every time we turn around an underfunded program, we consider it the High School Blanket Experience.

Underfunded Programs Solution

Our product solution is second to none, because we provide a way for you to completely subsidize your initial costs by leveraging free custom decals. At High School Blanket, every product is customized according to your school mascot or logo, as to encourage pride and promote spirit at your high school. Easily buy at wholesale and sell at retail prices.

What is possible with blankets

Farmingdale Custom Blanket

Farmingdale HS
New York
Student Body: 1977
Total Ordered: 2675

Estimated Profit: $95,250

Superior Spartans

Superior HS
Student Body: 1600
Total Ordered: 2898

Estimated Profit: $96,940

Seahawks Custom Blanket

Redondo Union HS
Student Body: 2718
Total Ordered: 800

Estimated Profit: $27,135

Copperhills Grizlies
New blanket fabric

Dutchtown HS
Student Body: 1973
Total Ordered: 400


Estimated Profit: $13,270

Madison Spirit Blanket

Madison HS
New Jersey   
Student Body: 812
2016 Parent Group
Total Ordered: 600

Estimated Profit: $19,500

Copper Hill HS
Student Body: 2424
Total Ordered: 2291

Estimated Profit: $82,735


See what our customers are saying

Traverse Mountain Elementary

"I've been through all kinds of programs; cookie dough, gift wrap, coupon books... I just love the way GroupRateIt is set up; I haven't had to do anything. All I had to do was say 'yes'... The quality is amazing! I've never experienced an easier way to raise money for my school."


- Principal Stevens

Custom Blanket

I'm happy to say I received the Spirit Wraps and I LOVE THEM. I'm working very hard to promote this project. The school is excited and also the Senior sponsors and students.  I'm currently visiting staff meetings and my church members are also involved. It's going to be successful. THANK YOU FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO WORK WITH YOU. Hope to have a long relationship with more business to come!

- Anthony Coleman, AL


Custom Fundraising Blanket

I couldn’t believe how quickly they sold out. We’re not a big school, but we’re already on our fourth order in two years!

- Alex Christensen, TX

School Fundraiser

We sold ours at our football games, and they were gone so fast that we had to turn around and order more 2 weeks later. Your customer support is awesome. Thank you for the great product and service!

- Troy Terkelson, AR

Spanish Fork High School

"People can't just go to the the store and buy these... if you don't get one while they've got 'em, you might miss your chance. It was easy; all I did was send them pictures of what we wanted, and ordered them.  Everyone is excited! We love them, they're awesome, exceeded my expectations."



-   Lori Richardson, Soccer booster club

The Spanish Fork Soccer Club raised over $6,000 and used the money to pay for their annual banquet. They are planning to re-order again next year

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