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The Power of Social Media

All you have to do is post, tweet, and tell your story! Blanket sign-ups will begin instantly and flood at the speed of student and parent driven social media.

Site and social ads Stand alone

How a campaign works

We'll create your google site, google form and eye catching social media graphics to post on your school and community social media pages, all you have to do is post, tweet, dm and tell your story! Driven by social media, blanket sign-ups will begin instantly! Add your payment instructions to your free site (such as Venmo, Paypal, the school office, cash, etc.) and start pre-selling. It's truly that easy!

4 social ads
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Pleasant Grove Vikings SM

Pleasant Grove

High School

Sold over 300 blankets in just over 24 hours.

Duxbury Dragons

Duxbury Dragons

High School

Sold over 253 their first 24 hours using this simple website.

Be sure to take advantage of the volume discounts and pre-pay incentives. Also keep in mind that after you place your order, if your sales are more than expected, you can increase the quantity up until the blankets are sent to print. Blanket production batches are scheduled in advance and deadlines are posted with an estimated delivery window of approximately 4-8 weeks. Orders are sent to production on a first come first serve basis. Just keep in mind that the earlier your signed order form is received the faster your blankets are placed on the production schedule.

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