Submit Request for a Custom Nubay Soft™ Blanket Design

Step One
Submit mascot logo

FREE blanket mock-up designs! We will send you 4-6 designs to pick from. Submit your colors, high resolution mascot or logo art files. For the most accurate representation of your mascot, we recommend sending vector art (.ai, .eps or .pdf).

No mascot? Choose one from our art library.

Step Two
Fill out information for your design

Let us know what your colors, mascot and name you would like on your blanket. Our talented graphics team will use your organizations colors, logos, and art elements to create several unique custom blanket design.


Please fill out the form below for your design

Any requested artwork belongs to Any re-creation or production outside is strictly prohibited and will result in an $800.00 art setup fee. Customer agrees to these terms by requesting these artwork samples.