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Spectator Blanket manufactures each wholesale order specific to customer authorized design specifications. Although Spectator Blanket manufactures for non profits, educational institutions, charities and other cause driven campaigns who may use our products to "raise funds" or resale at retail, customers do so at their own discretion. Spectator Blanket is NOT a professional fundraising company, fundraising consultant or counselors. We do not solicit donations for the cost of manufacturing on behalf of customers. Any "Fundraising" activities undertaken are the sole responsibility of the customer. Privacy Policy

These are trying times and HighSchoolBlanket wants to help

We want to help...Spectator Blankets CEO David Logan has authorized a FREE box of NubySoft™ Blankets for any school who wants one. No purchase necessary.

Blankets Help Students

- Feel Comfort

- Reduce Stress

- Reduce Anxiety

- Promote Rest

- Promote Identity

- Help connect to schools

Claim Your Schools Blankets

Box of 10

NubayLite™ Blankets

50 piece wholesale rate


(Reg price $399.98 each)

*Limit - one box per accredited educational institution/school.
** Terms and conditions apply. All qualifying terms will be sent via the email you provide.

*Terms and conditions apply