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Ready to Start?

Step One
Find Mascot Logo

FREE blanket mock-up designs! We will send you 4-6 designs to pick from. Submit your colors, high resolution mascot or logo art files. For the most accurate representation of your mascot, we recommend sending vector art (.ai, .eps or .pdf).

If you have no mascot just choose one from our art library.

Step Two
Contact Sales Associate

Click quote button below to receive a customized quote that fits your schools needs. Contact our friendly sales team with any additional questions.



Step Three
Custom Sales Tools

Once a design is chosen, the blanket goes to production and we create a virtual mock-up design that fuels supporter excitement and boosts presales. Contact us to request your sales tools.

  • 8" x 17" posters

  • Sales ledger book

  • Customer order forms

Use Blankets For

  • Senior graduation gifts

  • Teacher appreciation gifts

  • Team memorabilia

  • Spirit store merchandise

  • Booster club charity events

  • School spirit flags to wave at games

  • Buy at wholesale to raise funds

Why Blankets?


It’s simple: when you offer a better product, you have happier end buyers. A collectible keepsake that strengthens alumni ties, enhances school spirit; a product that keeps your customers coming back year after year.


Best of all, a no-hassle product that you’ll be proud to offer, and produces the profits you need, right now.

Add decals to your order for even more sales?


Spirit Sticks are the perfect addition to any order for quick and easy profits. Match your blanket design or create something new for all your clubs.


All pre-paid orders receive our incredible Spirit Sticks decals, absolutely free. By selling your Spirit Sticks at the recommended price of $10 each, you'll offset a large portion of your initial order cost, and in some cases cover it entirely. Many schools sell out of their Spirit Sticks in only days.

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