Lift Your 2020 Seniors would like to help you lift your 2021 Seniors. We share in the disheartening cancellations that are happening for them. They've gotten a raw deal. As CEO I have authorized an "AT COST" NubaySoft™ Senior Gift order which will begin production on April 15th. Senior Blankets celebrate and memorialize their entire high school experience.

We love you, we support you, and we stand with you as together we lift our seniors. I promise you will not find another senior gift that will be better received or get more use.

We've received hundreds of requests to extend this "as cost" offer to the other students in the school. We agreed that all your students are affected by this devastating virus. Therefore, we have agreed to manufacture two styles per school. 1- a commemorative Class of 2020 design. 2- School pride mascot design celebrating your school connection for ALL.During this difficult time we've cut our profits to help schools keep students connected. However, if your school does not have a budget to purchase this "at cost" Gift for your senior class, we will be happy to set up a special google form sign up for parents to purchase directly from us, at the same cost. Simply indicate on the sign up form and we'll get that done for you. Ultimately it's about celebrating the kids and doing what we can to help them #stayconnected.

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These are trying times and HighSchoolBlanket wants to help

We want to help...Spectator Blankets CEO David Logan has authorized a FREE box of NubySoft™ Blankets for any school who wants one. No purchase necessary.

Blankets Help Students

- Feel Comfort

- Reduce Stress

- Reduce Anxiety

- Promote Rest

- Promote Identity

- Help connect to schools

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